An open letter from the founder - The vision for Orent

Welcome to Orent, my name is Eric Jung and I am the founder and CEO of Orent/The Orent Group. I’m glad that you have chosen to visit Orent, and I hope that it can meet your full expectations.

I’ve always been passionate in building business infrastructure to support small-medium businesses. In my first company, Dropsel, I worked to build a platform for small businesses to list their equity and accredited investors to purchase it. Sadly, it didn’t work out but, using what I learned from the past, I launched Orent in 2019.

Originally, I intended to launch Orent as The Orent Group, a consulting firm focused on small businesses. However, as more work with small businesses occurred, I realized a crucial emptiness in the B2B industry. Quite simply, there were plenty of sites to source manufacturing firms and providers but not a single one for sourcing business services - A crucial aspect of all business. Therefore, I started Orent with the vision to be the infrastructure for all business services transactions. Now, we are still relatively new but, I have full belief that Orent can accomplish this and more.

In economics, we often learn about perfect market conditions. This is the condition in which markets run at full efficiency without any deadweight loss (basically lost money). However, for all in business, it is very clear that this does not exist. Yet it is possible to approach this level. To approach maximum efficiency in business, I believe there must be some kind of system that expedites the rate of new business connections and transactions. I believe that Orent can be this structure that makes the markets efficient especially in the small-medium business sector.

All in all, Orent seeks to achieve one thing: Simple business efficiency. Simple business efficiency as a term, represents the potential success of any fully optimized business. Will you be a part of the efficient or the outdated? Make your choice on Orent, now.

-Eric Jung