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Attract new customers and sell your businesses services seamlessly and efficiently.
Access and work with the best business service providers, all for less than market rates.

Orent maintains a high standard regarding which service firms can provide.

Every service firm on Orent has been analyzed thoroughly with data analytics and metrics.

Orent lists a variety of both startup based innovative service firms as well as traditional service firms. Get the best of both worlds!


Always pay lower than market rates thanks to Orent’s unique cost reduction systems.

Don’t believe us? Tell us the price you're paying for each service and we'll beat both it in both quality and price. Guaranteed.


All deals made through Orent are highly customizable and offer an array of financing approaches.

Work with your firms in the manner that best suits your businesses needs.

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Our Procurment Advantage

Traditional methods of procurment of business services are often time-consuming not to mention, financially draining.

At Orent, we think different, so we created the 7-Factor analysis designed to find the best service firms regardless of industry or size.

We find value so you don’t have to.

The 7-Factor Analysis

How we choose the best services.

Metrics evaluated
Firm culture
Marked outlook

Our success is dependent on yours.

Services sourcing with complete accountability.

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